Meaningful Distractions

by Chris Low

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Justin Carlton
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Justin Carlton A singer/songwriter with a beautiful voice, Chris Low is one of the most honest vocal and lyrical performers with whom I've ever had the pleasure of sharing a stage. Featuring gorgeous guitar work and vocal harmony, "Meaningful Distractions" is an EP that will inspire empathy and deep introspection, that boasts the capacity both to lull you to sleep as well as to keep you awake all night long. Favorite track: I Am Listening.
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    Over the past year I’ve done a lot of thinking about what music is supposed to mean for me. This EP is the product of those deep thoughts. Recorded in offices, bedrooms, and tiny little closets (many thanks to my understanding wife), it is the fruit of much soul-searching. In the end, I’ve landed at the idea that if nothing else, music should be created for purpose. Beyond the simple purpose of enjoyment (and I do hope you enjoy it), I’m hoping to take a little shot at the giant of global poverty. For this EP, I partnered with One Day’s Wages, so anything you pay for the album will go straight to their mission of alleviating poverty worldwide.
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released June 17, 2011


The cover art for this album was generously donated by the talented Lisa Stevens, an artist and designer working out of Paper Finch Studio in Nashville, TN. Her art portrays dreamlike environmental themes, capturing beauty and magic so often overlooked. Creating art in this way allows the viewer to escape into the canvas for a brief moment. It is her release and her pure joy.

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Chris Low Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Common Places
In thy sky a thunderhead is growing
Full of light, no telling where she’s going
I close my eyes and I can see you

While everyone is looking for their story
Of how you fought along their side as mighty king
I am looking for your quiet glory
Because I am seeing you in every little thing

Let me find you in the common places
Every day is full of graces
Let me love you in the simplest ways and
See your face in common places

And from the car, this country tells a story
Of who you are, in all your subtle glory
And I close my eyes so I can see you

It’s the cool breeze in the morning
At the ocean you are calling
There’s a stillness and a whisper
A faded message behind the glitter
So let me cast off vain religion
Flashing lights and flashy visions
Trace the glow back to the horizon
And hear the sun sing as he’s rising
Track Name: Mixed Up Somewhere
There’s a sickness, there’s a yearning
There used to be a fire, but it’s not burning
There’s a calling but it’s not clear
And the signals all get crossed up in the atmosphere

We must have been mixed up somewhere, mixed up somewhere
Crying out for life while all along our hungry eyes are getting
Mixed up somewhere, mixed up somewhere
We’ve settled in with apathy and missed what we were meant to be

There are reminders, there are stations
Where the broken sit like signposts of a wounded nation
There’s a feeling like being lost
And the only question left is what a wake up call will cost

There’s a city full of light,
On a hilltop in the night
If we ever get it right,
If we ever get it right

There’s an answer, He’s rising up
To cure the pain and put some water in our empty cups
Lifting scales from blinded eyes
And the only way to save us is to help us die
Track Name: Bright Moon Tonight
I watched the sun set today
And threw all my mistakes away
With the falling light
‘Cause I heard somewhere a man
Was a giving out a second chance
To get things right

The dusk will come and go, it’s night
But there’s another kind of light

‘Cause it’s a bright moon tonight
And I can see a little clearer than
I usually can in that deep blue light
It’s gonna be alright
‘Cause I’m not lookin’ where the sun went down
But where the moon will rise

I’d swear I was a new man
With nothing left to stain my hands
Or weigh me down
And perfect love drove out fear
To see a guilty conscience cleared
And a friendship found

And it’s sunshine - at midnight
Washing over everything with white
And it’s ok, it’s alright
It’s not a losing fight - It’s a bright moon tonight
Track Name: I Am Listening
Well if I seem distracted
It’s never what it seems
I can think on these dark nights
The way I think in dreams
Where everything is how it’s supposed to be
Oh, tell me your story

And if I hear my footsteps
Brushing through the grass
I can hear you echo through this mountain pass
And the heavens show me Jesus through the looking glass
Oh, tell me his story

And I
Oh I am listening (x2)

And if I come away now
Knowing who I am
I can taste the glory of a better man
You can see him where I stand
Oh, tell me his story
Track Name: Quiet Down
I’m coming up empty
I’m coming up dry
With a love like winter
And a heart like ice
But I’ll sit here waiting
With what I know
That even in winter
I’m bound to grow

Quiet down my anxious heart
Let me know you’re all I need
Open up my lungs and let me breathe
Quiet down my busy mind, Lord
Let me know that I’m set free
Open up my eyes and let me see

So I’m holding out hope
I’m keeping my faith
Because the smallest seed
Is all it takes
And I’ll sit here waiting
To know you’re true
To know your dying
To be here, too

What love is this that finds me
In all my disrepair
What love is this that sees my brokenness
And meets me there
So quiet down my anxious heart, Lord
Let me know you’re all I need
Open up my lungs and let me breathe